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Laws and joint resolutions of the Cherokee Nation, enacted ... 1881-2-3. In Cherokee. Tahlequah, 1884.

Acts and resolutions of the Cherokee Nation from 1881-1883, translated into Cherokee.

The Law Library has a rich collection of American Indian laws and treaties. For example, the Library owns 64 of the 225 entries in Lester Hargrett's Bibliography of the Constitutions and Laws of the American Indians.

Hargrett wrote of compilations of laws translated into the native language, "Almost without exception, the Indian language version of the laws are rarer than the English. There are good reasons for this. In the council of the civilized tribes, although deliberations were bilingual, the laws were drafted and adopted in English and they were first printed in that language...Translations into native tongue were made later, often months afterward, and printed in smaller numbers...." (Hargrett 19)