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Image 8

Henry Bracton (d. 1268). De Legibus & consuetudinibus Angliae... London, 1569.

Originally written in manuscript in the 13th century. This is the first printed edition. Latin text.

The earliest attempt to treat English common law in a systematic, detailed manner. The principal source of legal authority until Coke's Institutes 350 years later.

Image 8a

8a. Sir Thomas Littleton (1402-1481). Lytylton tenures newly and most truly correctyed & amendyd. London, 1528.

Wrote Sir Edward Coke of the Tenures, the first treatise written on property law: " This book is the ornament of the Common Law, and the most perfect and absolute work that ever was written..."

Littleton's Tenures, first published in 1482, was an instant and enduring success. It was issued in 70 editions before 1600. The Law Library has 34 editions of Littleton published between 1528 and 1600.