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Early International & Humanitarian Law

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Belli, Pierino. (1502-1575)


Belli, Pierno, De Re Militari et Bello Tractatus

 Belli, Pierino. (1502-1575)

De Re Militari et Bello Tractatus. Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1936.

Belli's work covers many of the same topics as Legnano's, but with less extraneous material. Belli discusses the just-war doctrine and holds that in order to be just, a nation must not only have sufficient cause for fighting but must also follow certain rules of conducting a war. Particularly important is the treatment of prisoners of war and non-combatants.ii  The Law Library owns two volumes published in 1936 as part of The Classics of International Law. The first volume contains a photographic reproduction of the 1563 edition, and the second contains an English translation of the text, entitled A Treatise on Military Matters and warfare.

Translation of title: On Military Matters and War.
First published: 1563.

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