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Early International & Humanitarian Law

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Gentili, Alberico. (1552-1608)

Alberici Gentilis Juriscons

Gentili, Alberico. (1552-1608)


Alberici Gentilis Juriscons. Hispanicæ Advocationis (in Quo Tractatu Diversæ Illustres Quæstiones Maritimæ Secundum Jus Gentium & Hodiernam Praxin Quam Nitide Perlustrantur & Deciduntur) Libri Duo. Amstelredami: apud J. Ravesteinium, 1661.

Gentili is "considered by many to be the founder of the science of international law and said to have been the first in western Europe to separate secular law from Roman Catholic theology and canon law."iii  Gentili's major work on the law of war is De Iure Belli, first published in 1588. In Hispanicæ Advocationis, a work based on Gentili's own legal practice, "he is concerned with war again, but this time he is applying the principles which he had laid down in his earlier work to the actual questions arising out of a great war of his own time." iv  The work is unique for its time in that it is not based mainly on theory but on actual contemporary legal cases.

Translation of title: Pleas of a Spanish Advocate
First published: 1613
Other edition in the Law Library's general collection:

Hispanicae Advocationis Libri Dvo, 1921 (includes English translation)

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