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Early International & Humanitarian Law

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Zouch, Richard. (1590-1661)


Zouch, Richard. (1590-1661)


Zouch, Richard. (1590-1661)


Ivris et Ivdicii Fecialis, Sive, Ivris Inter Gentes, et Qvæstionvm de Eodem Explicatio. Oxoniæ: excudebat H. Hall, impensis Tho: Robinson, 1650.

Unlike Grotius, who emphasized the concept of natural law, Zouch was an early positivist who "based the law of nations on customs and on treaties."vii In this, his most important work on the subject, Zouch attempts to replace the more common term jus gentium, which he considers imprecise, with the Roman law term jus feciale or Vitoria's term, jus inter gentes (law among nations). Zouch is noted as the first jurist to write a systematic treatment of the entire field of international law.

First published: 1650.
Other edition in the Law Library's general collection:

Iuris et Iudicii Fecialis, 1911 (includes English translation)

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