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Research Assistants' Guide

Copying Materials


Borrowing Items for Faculty (Proxy Borrowing Privileges)

Proxy borrowing provides a way for research assistants to borrow items for the faculty members they are working for from any library on campus and avoid personal responsibility for any overdue or other related fines and charges.  To obtain proxy borrowing privileges for a faculty member follow these steps:

  1. Download and print out an Application for Proxy Privileges form.

  3. Have the faculty member complete the form.

  5. Return the form to the Law Library Circulation Desk. The faculty member's patron record will be updated to reflect your proxy status to borrow items on their behalf.

  7. Once the above process is complete you can check out materials under your faculty member's library account by simply telling the circulation staff member the name of the faculty member you are an RA for and presenting your University ID.

For questions about proxy borrowing, please contact David Zopfi-Jordan at 625-1513 or x-asap@umn.edu.

Study Carrels

If you'd like a study carrel for the summer, contact the Access Services Librarian.

Summer Bloomberg Law, LexisNexis & Westlaw Access

You should extend your Westlaw password for the summer (currently Bloomberg Law & Lexis don't require you to extend your password in order to continue access over the summer).  Do this even if you prefer one service over the other; you may need access to all three services to complete your research tasks effectively.

»  Bloomberg Law: as a law student you have unlimited and unrestricted access to Bloomberg Law throughout the course of your law school career for academic and job-related purposes.  Students may also continue to access Bloomberg Law for six months following graduation.  Questions?  Contact our Bloomberg Law Rep. Pamela Morgan 1-888-560-2529 or (pmorgan@bna.com).

»  LexisNexis: During June, July & August, law students may continue to use their Lexis Advance ID & password to access Lexis Advance for both academic/research purposes and for any employment-related purposes. Questions?  Contact our LexisNexis Account Rep. Sarah Bigler (sarah.bigler@lexisnexis.com).

»  Westlaw: go to the Westlaw Password Extension page to extend your access (note the qualificaton restrictions).  Recent graduates can also extend their Westlaw access through Nov. 30 at the Westlaw Password Extension page.  Questions? Contact our Westlaw Account Manager Laura Nelimark (laura.nelimark@thomsonreuters.com

Access to Other Databases

To access subscription-based databases provided by Law Library or University Libraries from off-campus you will need to login with your University of Minnesota Internet ID & password when prompted to do so.  Note: many, but not all, databases allow remote access.  Please contact the Reference Office 612-625-4309, law-ref@umn.edu for assistance.

Research Help

Our reference staff is available anytime to help you identify useful sources, develop search strategies, and answer any questions about research.  We can also schedule one-to-one consultations or training sessions if you would like more intensive help.

You can contact an individual reference librarian directly by phone or email:

» Vicente Garces 624-2597 garce003@umn.edu » Michael Hannon 625-0173 mhannon@umn.edu
»  Kurt Meyer 624-5334 kameyer@umn.edu »  Loren Turner 625-2905 lturner@umn.edu
» Scott Uhl 625-0793 uhlx0003@umn.edu

Alternatively, you can stop by during our Reference Office Hours or contact us by phone (625-4309),  chat  or email (law-ref@umn.edu).

Call on us to help you impress your supervising faculty member with your efficient and comprehensive research!

Getting Materials

Most RAs need to use materials beyond those in the Law Library and in electronic databases.  This section describes how to obtain those materials.

From University of Minnesota Libraries (Get It Book Delivery Service)

The Get It  book delivery service provides a convenient alternative to check books out from other libraries on campus without having to make a trip to the library to retrieve and check it out yourself.  Information on how to use "Get It" is available here.  

From other libraries

Request materials through interlibrary loan by contacting the ASAP service at x-asap@tc.umn.edu.

Buying materials

If your supervising faculty member would like to purchase a book, subscription database, report, or other item, contact Connie Lenz.

If you have questions about other resources needed for your work, please contact the Reference Office (625-4309), or Connie Lenz (625-4301).