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Reference Services

For University of Minnesota Law Students

We're Here to Help

We welcome the opportunity to assist you with research questions and assignments. Whether it’s finding the answer to a quick reference question, providing a refresher on how to research case law, or devising the most efficient research strategy for an in depth research assignment in law or other disciplines, we’re here to help.

How to Contact Us

In person: (office hours),  Phone:  612-625-4309, Chat Reference Service, Email:  law-ref@umn.edu

Feel free to contact any of these librarians directly to arrange an individual consultation for research assistance from a specific librarian.

» Suzanne Thorpe 625-0187 s-thor@umn.edu » Michael Hannon 625-0173 mhannon@umn.edu
» Vicente Garces 624-2597 garce003@umn.edu »  Ellen Jaquette 625-0793 equaley@umn.edu
»  Kurt Meyer 624-5334 kameyer@umn.edu

Research Instruction


  • Legal Writing Course
    Students enrolled in the First Year Legal Writing Course receive legal research instruction from the reference librarians.  Reference librarians also coordinate instruction sessions provided by our school's Bloomberg Law, LexisNexis and Westlaw representatives.


  • Advanced Legal Research Seminar
    This seminar is usually offered in the fall and spring semesters.


  • Foreign & International Legal Research Seminar


  • Law Library Brown Bag Research Session Series
    The lunch hour programs offered in this series cover a variety of topics from basic refreshers on case law and statutory research to more advanced or specialized areas of legal research such as legislative history and administrative law.


  • Bloomberg Law 
    Jackie McCloud is our Bloomberg Law Representative (1-888-560-2529, jmccloud@bna.com).
    Student Representatives: logon to Bloomberg Law and click on the "Contact Representatives".
    Training Sessions: scheduled training sessions and events are posted on Bloomberg Law throughout each semester.  To schedule an individual training session contact a Bloomberg Law representive.
    Summer &  After Gradutation Access to Bloomberg Law.

  • LexisNexis  
    Sarah Bigler is our LexisNexis Representative (651-216-3780, sarah.bigler@lexisnexis.com).
    Student Representatives: logon on to LexisNexis to locate contact information.
    Training Sessions: scheduled training sessions are posted on LexisNexis throughout each semester (click on the "Training at My School" link).  To schedule an individual training session contact a Lexis representative.

    Summer & After Graduation Access to Lexis Advance

  • Westlaw 
    Laura Nelimark is our Westlaw Representative (612-272-9168, laura.nelimark@thomsonreuters.com).
    Student Representives:  logon on to Westlaw to locate contact information.
    Training Sessions: scheduled training sessions are posted on Westlaw throughout each semester (click on "Training" link).  To schedule an individual training session contact a Westlaw representive.

    Summer & Post Graduation Access to WestlawNext

  • CALI - Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (www.cali.org) (Registration Required, see Reference Office for information)
    CALI lessons are interactive, computer-based tutorials provided by the non-profit Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (www.cali.org). There are over 625 lessons available to help you study 32 different legal subject areas at www.cali.org. Lessons are completely free for our law students. They are great for mastering material during the semester and for studying for exams.
    cali.org in order to access CALI lessons.