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Researching Business Law


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This research guide surveys the broad area of business law and includes a variety of topics, such as the forms of business organization, the operations and activities of businesses, transactions by and between businesses, and the relationships of businesses to consumers, society, and government. Its focus is on business law in its most general sense, only touching on specific forms of organization and on the uniform commercial code. The sources in this guide may provide an introduction to such topics, but the guide's intention is more general.


The Law Library has two additional business law-related research guides: Closely Held Corporations and Sales / Uniform Commercial Code Article 2.

Finding Books

Suggested Subject Headings


Subject headings searched in MNCAT Classic are as varied as the topic itself. The most general subject headings:


Each of these headings can be followed by a geographic subdivision to narrow a search to UNITED STATES law, or MINNESOTA law, or the law of FRANCE.

To locate materials in MNCAT Classic on more specific aspects of business law, use more restrictive subject headings; again, the headings may be followed by a geographic subdivision. . A few examples if corporations are of interest:


Or, if a different form of business organization is involved, try:


To find materials in MNCAT Classic about the uniform commercial code, enter as an LC subject heading:




  • Searching the Law, 3rd ed. / Frank S. Bae... Ardsely, NY: Transnational Publishers, 2005. REFERENCE OFFICE / KF240.B265 2005.
    See the headings: Business Organizations or Commercial Law

  • Legal Information Buyer's Guide & Reference Manual / Kendall F. Svengalis. N. Stonington, CT: Rhode Island Law Press, 2010. REFERENCE OFFICE / KF 1. S84x 2010.  See the headings: Commercial Law, Corporations, or Partnership.

  • The staff of the Hennepin County Law Library has compiled a bibliography on Limited Liability Companies and Partnerships.

  • The staff at the Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library at the University of Washington has prepared a Corporations & Business Organizations Legal Research Guide.

Model & Uniform Laws


American Bar Association, Committee on Corporate Laws. Model Business Corporation Act Annotated, 4th ed. Chicago, ABA Section of Business Law, 2008- . RESERVE/KF1414.A7452x. An additional copy is at KF1414.A7452x.

American Law Institute. Principles of Corporate Governance: Analysis and Recommendations. St. Paul, MN: American Law Institute Publishers, 2008. RESERVE KF1422.P75 2008. An additional copy is at KF1422.P75 2008. This title is also available online via: Westlaw, LexisNexis, and HeinOnline.

American Law Institute. Uniform Law Annotated (ULA), Master edition. REFERENCE/ KF165.A2 1968. The Uniform Commercial Code is in volumes 1-5. Business and nonprofit organizations and associations laws, including Partnership Acts and Limited Liability Company Acts, are in the several parts of volume 6. Business and financial laws, including Securities Acts and the Electronic Transactions Act, are in the volume 7 volumes. This title is also available on Westlaw.



General Business Law Treatises


Alberty, Steven C. Advising Small Businesses. Deerfield, Ill.: Callaghan, c1989- . KF1659.A94 1989. This title is also on Westlaw.

Bohlman, Herbert M. The Legal, Ethical, and International Environment of Business, 4th ed. Cincinnati, OH: West, c1999. KF1600.B64 1999.

Business Organizations. New York, N.Y.: M. Bender, 1963- . KF1366.C3. This title is also on LexisNexis.

Friedman, Howard M.  Publicly Held Corporations: A Lawyer's Guide.  New York: Oxford University Press, 2011.  KF1414.F695 2011.

Hamilton, Robert W. Business Basics for Law Students: Essential Concepts and Applications, 4th ed. New York: Aspen Publishers, 2006. RESERVE KF889.H238 2006.

Jennings, Marianne. Business: Its Legal, Ethical, and Global Environment, 4th ed. Cincinnati, OH: West Legal Studies in Business, 2000. KF889.J46x 2000.

Klein, William A. Business Organization and Finance: Legal and Economic Principles, 11th ed. New York: Foundation Press, 2010. RESERVE KF1366.K56 2010.

The Law of Transnational Business Transactions, edited by Ved P. Nanda and Ralph B. Lake.  Eagan, MN: West, 2011.  RESERVE K1005.6.L382 2011.

Mann, Richard A. Smith & Roberson's Business Law, 13th ed. Mason, OH: Thomson/West, 2006. RESERVE KF888.S554 2006.

Miller, Roger LeRoy. Fundamentals of Business Law, 6th ed. Mason, OH: Thomson/South-Western/West, 2005. KF889.M53 2005. KF889.M53 2005.

Rohrlich, Chester. Organizing Corporate and Other Business Enterprises, 5th ed. New York: M. Bender, 1975- . KF1355.R63 1975. This title is also on LexisNexis.

Shade, Joseph. Business Associations in a Nutshell, 3rd ed. St. Paul, MN: West, 2010. RESERVE/KF1355.S53x 2010. This title is also on Westlaw.

Steingold, Fred. Legal Guide for Starting & Running a Small Business, 11th ed. Berkeley, CA: Nolo, 2009. REFERENCE OFFICE KF1659.S745 2009.

Minnesota Business Law Treatises


Business Law Deskbook. St. Paul, Minn.: Thomson/West, 2002- . (Minnesota Practice, v.20, 20A, 20B). RESERVE & REFERENCE OFFICE/KFM5480.M53. This title is also on Westlaw.

Business Law Institute (2010). The 2010 Business Law Institute. St. Paul, Minn.: Minnesota Continuing Legal Education, 2010. RESERVE/KF209.M54x 2010 no. 32. Note: this annual publication contains various topics on business law; the current edition is on Reserve.

The Minnesota Business Law Deskbook: Corporations and LLCs. St. Paul, Minn.: Minnesota Continuing Legal Education, 2010- . RESERVE/KF209.M54x 2010 no.46.

Minnesota Business Torts Deskbook.  St. Paul, Minn.: Minnesota Continuing Legal Education, 2008-    .  RESERVE/KF209.M54x 2008 no.19.

Saliterman, Richard A.  Advising Minnesota and Other Business Organizations.  2nd ed.  Huntington, NY: Juris Publishing, 2011.  RESERVE/KFM5613.S25 2011.

Specialized Business Law Treatises


Autry, Charles T.  The Law of Cooperatives.  Chicago: ABA Business Law Section, 2009.  KF1470.A98 2009.

Corporate Practice Series. Washington: Bureau of National Affairs, 1978- . Looseleaf Services KF1410.C67. The specific titles in this series in the BNA Corporate Practice Library database.

Fletcher, William Meade. Fletcher Cyclopedia of the Law of Corporations, Rev. and permanent ed. St. Paul, MN: Thomson/West, 1931- . KF1384.F55 1931. This title is also on Westlaw.

Glazer, Donald W. Glazer and Fitzgibbon on Legal Opinions: Drafting, Interpreting, and Supporting Closing Opinions in Business Transactions, 3rd ed. Austin: Wolters Kluwer Law& Business, 2008- . KF1355.F57 2008.

Hawkland, William D. Uniform Commercial Code Series. Eagan, Minn.: West, 1982- KF879.53. This title is also on Westlaw.

Lawrence, Lary. Lawrence's Anderson on the Uniform Commercial Code, 3rd ed. St. Paul, Minn.: Thomson/West, 1981- . KF879.514.A53 1981. This title is also on Westlaw.

Pratt, Shannon P. The Lawyer's Business Valuation Handbook: Understanding Financial Statements, Appraisal Reports, and Expert Testimony, 2nd ed.  Chicago: American Bar Association, Section of Family Law, 2010.  KF1416.P73 2010.

Radin, Stepehn A. The Business Judgment Rule: Fiduciary Duties of Corporate Directors, 6th ed. Austin: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, 2009- . KF1423.R33x 2009.

Williston, Samuel. Williston on Sales, 5th ed. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 1994- . KF915.W5 1994. This title is also on Westlaw.

Winn, Jane K. The Law of Electronic Commerce, 4th ed. Gaitersburg, Md. : Aspen Publihsers, 2001- . KF390.B84.W56x.

Wood, Robert W.  Limited Liability Companies: Formation, Operation, and Conversion, 3rd ed.  New York: Aspen Publishers, 2010.  KF1380.L56 2010.



Bauch, Walter G. Minnesota 302A Corporations: An Annotated Document. St. Paul, Minn.: Minnesota Continuing Legal Education, 2007. KF209.M54x 2007 no.33.

Distributor, Sales Representative & Sales Agreements. St. Paul, Minn.: Minnesota Continuing Legal Education, 2004. KF209.M545x 2004 no.27.

Findlaw: State Corporation & Business Forms. Links are arranged alphabetically by state.

Fletcher, William Meade. Fletcher Corporation Forms Annotated, 4th ed. St. Paul, MN: Thomson/West, 1972- . KF1411.F55 1972. This title is also on Westlaw.

Geier, Mark R. Buy/Sell & Share Purchase Agreement. St. Paul, Minn.: Minnesota Continuing Legal Education, 2004. KF209.M54x 2004 no.22.

McEllistem, Thomas E. Articles, Bylaws & Minutes: Minnesota 302A Corporations. St. Paul, Minn.: Minnesota Continuing Legal Education, 2001. KF209.M54x 2001 no.30.

Matheson, John H. Corporation Law and Practice, 2nd ed. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 2004- . (Minnesota Practice, v. 18-19. RESERVE & REFERENCE OFFICE KFM5480.M53. This title is also on Westlaw.

Minnesota Secretary of State Business Services Forms
This website includes a variety of forms (mostly .pdf format) for corporations and other business entities, including LLC, LLP and non-profit entities.

Plunkett, J. Patrick. Annotated Form of Mission Statement, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws for a Nonprofit Corporation. St. Paul, Minn.: Minnesota Continuing Legal Education, 2000. KF209.M54x 2000 no.1625.

Shriver, Ernest P. Organizational Documents for LLCs: an Annotated Document. St. Paul, Minn.: Minnesota Continuing Legal Education, 2011. KF209.M54x 2011 no. 66.

Steingold, Fred. Legal Forms for Starting & Running a Small Business, 4th ed. Berkeley, CA: Nolo, 2006. RESERVE KF1659.A65 S74 2006.

West's Legal Forms, 2nd ed. St. Paul, Minn.: West, 1981- . REFERENCE KF1384.A65.W47. The opening volumes of this multi-volume set provide forms related to business organizations. This title is also on Westlaw.



LexisNexis & Westlaw 


Both Westlaw and LexisNexis contain files useful for researching primary and secondary sources on business law. From the Westlaw directory, select Topical Materials by Area of Practice and then Business Organizations and Relations or Finance and Banking. Each of these subtopics contains several relevant databases. On LexisNexis one can in a similar way search By Topic or Headnote and then select Business & Corporate Law.

LexisNexis, because it includes the titles published by Matthew Bender, contains a wealth of information on various business law issues. Among the highlights are Business Law Monographs (BUSLWM), Business Torts (BUSTOR), Mark Lee's Organizing Corporate & Other Business Enterprises (ORGCPP), Eaton's Professional Corporations & Associations (PRCORP), the Law Of Advertising (LAWADV), and Warren's Forms of Agreements (WARRNF). LexisNexis also includes several important Bender treatises on the Uniform Commercial Code including Forms & Procedures under the UCC (UCCFRM), Modern UCC Litigation Forms (MOUCCF), and Secured Transactions under the UCC (UCCSTR). The classic forms treatise Rabkin's and Johnson's Current Legal Forms with Tax Analysis (CLFTA) is another Bender title available on LexisNexis; it contains a wide range of forms with drafting guidelines.

Other Business Law Databases

In addition to LexisNexis and Westlaw the Law Library subscribes to several other useful databases related to business law.  There are a number of Bloomberg BNA databases that can be particularly useful.  Bloomberg Law (Access limited, registration required, see below.) offers a growing collections of primary and secondary legal documents and resources in addition to in-depth coverage of global business and financial, data, information and news. Consult the Law Library's Electronic Resources Directory where you can browse databases by topics such as business & corporations law
Bloomberg Law Access Information: Access is limited to the Univ. of Minnesota Law School Community.  Law School faculty, students & staff can request access by sending an email message to Erica Horton at ehorton4@bloomberg.net and include the following information: your full name, your U of M email address (umn.edu address), your status/role (student, faculty, staff, etc.) and expected date of graduation if applicable.

Business Research & Databases


The home page of the University's Business Reference Library is a valuable source of links to databases on general business, marketing, international business, company and industry profiles, and statistics.

The general University of Minnesota library also offers a variety of business databases. Searching one or more of them may provide relevant articles that are not specifically legal in nature. From the libraries' databases and indexes by subject page , it is possible to use the dropdown menu to select a business topic; try, for example, Accounting or Business or Marketing or International Business or Retail Merchandising or another topic that seems relevant. Business Source Premier and Investext are just two of the databases that may provide useful business-related articles.

Finding Periodical Articles


Periodical Indexes


To locate journal articles on business law topics, search LegalTrac or Index to Legal Periodicals & Books, both are on the Law Library's home page. Use their advanced search options and enter keywords focused on the specific subject.

LegalTrac indexes articles appearing in law reviews, law journals and legal newspapers.  It includes some articles in fulll-text.  LegalTrac is available within Mondale Hall via the Law School Network and in the Law Library via public workstations. Law School faculty and students may access LegalTrac from outside Mondale Hall. LegalTrac is also available under the name, Legal Resource Index via these databases: LexisNexis Academic, LexisNexis and Westlaw.

Index to Legal Periodicals & Books (ILP) indexes many of the same periodicals as LegalTrac as well as books.  Dates of coverage vary but begin no earlier than 1980 for periodicals and 1993 for books.  ILP is available throughout Mondale Hall via the Law School Network and at public workstations in the Law Library. Law School faculty and students may access ILP from outside Mondale Hall.  ILP is also available via  Westlaw.

Current Index to Legal Periodicals (CILP). This weekly service indexes 500+ legal periodicals into over 100 subject headings. In addition to the subject index, it lists the table of contents for each new journal issue covered. Weekly issues archived back to 1999 may be browsed or downloaded (PDF & MS Word).  Also available on Westlaw (database identifier = CILP).

Minnesota Legal Periodical Index (MLPI). St. Paul, MN: Minnesota State Law Library, 1984- (Actual coverage varies by the periodical title indexed). This title is in print in the Law Library at REFERENCE/K33.M56x through July 2000. There is a current electronic version at LawMoose.

 Selected Business Law Periodicals


Many of these titles are also available electronically to University students and from Mondale Hall in such databases as HeinOnline or LexisNexis Academic. To determine if there is an electronic version, search MNCAT by doing a title search for the journal or periodical. The most recent several years of many of these titles are also available on Westlaw and LexisNexis.

  • American Business Law Journal, the official publication of the American Business Law Association, Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell, 1965- . Web only. Search MNCAT for online access options.

  • Business Review. Tallahassee, FL: College of Law, Florida State University, 2008- . LIBRARY HAS: v.7 (2008)- .

  • Berkeley Business Law Journal. Berkeley, CA: University of California Berkeley School of Law, 2004- . LIBRARY HAS: v.1 (2004)- .

  • Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial and Commercial Law. Brooklyn, NY: Brooklyn Law School, 2006. LIBRARY HAS: v.1 (2006)- .

  • The Business Lawyer. Chicago: ABA Section of Corporation, Banking and Business Law, 1946- . LIBRARY HAS: v.1 (1946)- .

  • Columbia Business Law Review. New York, NY: Columbia University School of Law, 1986- . LIBRARY HAS: 1986- .

  • DePaul Business & Commercial Law Journal. Chicago: DePaul University College of Law and the Commercial Law League of America, 2002- . LIBRARY HAS: v.1 (2002)- .

  • Duquesne University Business Law Journal, Pittsburgh, PA: Duquesne University School of Law, 1999. LIBRARY HAS: v.1 (1999)- .

  • Hastings Business Law Journal, San Francisco, CA: University of California Hastings College of Law, 2005- . LIBRARY HAS: v.1 (2005)- .

  • Houston Business and Tax Law Journal, Houston, Tex.: University of Houston Law Center, 2001- . LIBRARY HAS: v.1 (2001)- .

  • The Journal of Law and Commerce, Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh School of Law, 1981- . LIBRARY HAS: v.1 (1981)- .

  • NYU Journal of Law and Business, New York: New York University School of Law, 2004- . LIBRARY HAS: v.1 (2004)- .
  •  >

  • Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance, Stanford, CA: Stanford Law School, 1994- . LIBRARY HAS: v. 1 (1994)- .

  • Transactions: the Tennessee Journal of Business Law, Knoxville, TN: Center for Entrepreneurial Law, University of Tennessee College of Law, 1999- . Web only. Search MNCAT for online access options.

  • UC Davis Business Law Journal, Davis, CA: University of California Davis School of Law, 2000- . Web only. Search MNCAT for online access options.

  • University of Miami Business Law Review, Coral Gables, FL: University of Miami School of Law, 1998- . LIBRARY HAS: v. 7 (1998)- .

  • University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law, Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Law School, 2008- . LIBRARY HAS: v.11 (2008)- .

  • Virginia Law and Business Review, Charlottesville, VA: Virginia Law and Business Review Association, 2006- . LIBRARY HAS: v. 1 (2006)- .

  • William & Mary Business Law Review, Williamsburg, VA: College of William & Mary School of Law, 2010- . LIBRARY HAS: v.1 (2010)- .