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Researching Labor & Employment Law

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Primary Sources


Labor and employment statutes and regulations exist at both the federal and state level. They are enforced and interpreted by administrative agencies and the courts. This means that both administrative and judicial primary sources may contain relevant information.



Many federal statutes related to labor and employment law may be found in Title 29 of the United States Code (Reserve KF62 2000x). State codes also cover employment and labor law. A listing of the state codes available at the University of Minnesota Law Library can be found at: http://library.law.umn.edu/stateslist.html. A listing of relevant state statutory provisions can be found at http://topics.law.cornell.edu/wex/table_labor. Current codes can be found on the plaza level of the library, in the primary collection. More on researching statutory law can be found in: Researching Session Laws and Statutes http://library.law.umn.edu/researchguides/statutes.html.

Agency Regulations


Many federal regulations can be found in Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations (Primary KF70.A34 I53x). State regulations are compiled in the administrative code for each state. A listing of the state administrative codes available at the University of Minnesota Law Library can be found at: http://library.law.umn.edu/stateslist.html. The current regulations promulgated by Minnesota agencies are found in the Minnesota Rules (Primary KFM5434.5 .M56x). For more on researching agency regulations please see our guide, Researching Federal and Minnesota Regulations at: http://library.law.umn.edu/researchguides/adminlaw.html.



While many federal and state cases on employment and labor law can be found in general case reporters, it is most efficient to use topical reporters. The University of Minnesota Law Library has several related to labor and employment law:

  • Americans with Disabilities Cases. Looseleaf Services KF3364 .L326x
  • Decisions and Orders of the National Labor Relations Board. Looseleaf Services KF3372.A55 U54
  • Individual Employment Rights Cases. Looseleaf Services KF3364 .L327x
  • Fair Employment Practice Cases. Looseleaf Services KF3464 .A514
  • Labor Arbitration Awards. Looseleaf Services KF3421.5 .L323
  • Labor Arbitration Reports. Looseleaf Services KF3421.A2 L32
  • Labor Cases. Looseleaf Services KF3310.A22 L33
  • Employment Practices Decisions. Looseleaf Services KF3464.A6 C64
  • Labor Relations Reference Manual. Looseleaf Services KF3364 .L33
  • Wage and Hour Cases. Looseleaf Services KF3310.A2 W34

Looseleaf Services


A good starting point for finding reprinted texts of the above primary sources is a looseleaf service, an up-to-date compilation of statutes, regulations, and cases related to particular topics. The following services are excellent resources for labor and employment law research:  

  • Employment Coordinator. Looseleaf Services KF3315 .E472


  • Employment Practices. Law Library Looseleaf Services KF3464.A6 C65


  • Labor Law Reporter. Looseleaf Services KF3310.A22 L32 1980


  • Labor Relations Reporter. Looseleaf Services KF3364 .L325. (This source is also available online (as BNA Labor & Employment Law Library) from the workstations located in the Law Library at: http://laborandemploymentlaw.bna.com/lelw.)and remortely to law students.

Secondary Sources


Secondary sources provide commentary and analysis and are useful for finding primary sources. Included are bibliographies, dictionaries, books, and periodical articles. Below are examples of useful secondary resources related to labor and employment law. These are starting points only, and should not be considered an exhaustive list.

Bibliographies/Research Guides




  • Labor, Employment, and the Law: A Dictionary / Christopher Thomas Anglim. (Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, 1997) Law Library KF3317 .A54 1997


  • The Lexicon of Labor : More Than 500 Key Terms, Biographical Sketches, And Historical Highlights Concerning Labor In America / R. Emmett Murray. (New York : New Press, 1998.) Wilson Library Business Reference HD8066 .M87 1998.



Books can be found by searching MNCAT Discovery Catalog, the University of Minnesota’s online catalog. They can also be found in WorldCat (http://www.lib.umn.edu/get/2984), a database showing the holdings of numerous libraries in the U.S. and abroad. Relevant materials can be found using the following subject searches:

Employee rights
Employees--Dismissal of
Industrial hygiene
Industrial safety
Insurance, unemployment
Labor laws and legislation
Labor contract
Labor discipline
Occupational diseases
Workers compensation

Useful titles include:

Basic Text on Labor Law :Unionization, and Collective Bargaining / by Robert A. Gorman, Matthew W. Finkin (St. Paul, MN : Thomson/West, 2004.) Law Library Reserve KF3389 .G67 2004

Challenging the Myths of Fair Employment Practices / Richard S. Barrett. (Westport, Conn. : Quorum, 1998.) Wilson Library HF5549.5.S38 B375 1998

The Common Law of the Workplace : The Views of Arbitrators / Theodore J. St. Antoine, editor. (Washington, DC : Bureau of National Affairs, 2005.) Law Library Reserve KF3424 .C66 2005

Covenants Not to Compete: a State-by-State Survey / Brian M. Malsberger.  (7th ed. Arlington, VA: BNA Books, c2010) KF3463.M347 2010

The Developing Labor Law: The Board, the Courts, and the National Labor Relations / Patrick Hardin, ed. (5th ed. Washington, D.C. : Bureau of National Affairs, c2006) Law Library Reserve KF3369 .D48 2006

Disability Discrimination and the Workplace / Peter A. Susser, Peter J. Petesch.  (Arlington, VA: BNA Books, c2011)  Law Library KF3469.S87x 2011

Employee Dismissal Law and Practice / Henry H. Perritt, Jr. (New York : Aspen Publishers, 2006-) Law Library KF3471 .P471

Employment at Will: A State-by-State Survey.  (Arlington, VA: BNA Books, 2011)  Law Library KF3471.E48 2011

Employment in Minnesota : A Guide to Employment Laws, Regulations, and Practices / Maynard G. Sautter. (Carlsbad, Calif. : LEXIS Law Publishing, Parker Publications Division, 1997-) Law Library KFM5731 .S28x

Employment Law / Mark A. Rothstein, ed., (Hornbook series) (4th ed. St. Paul, MN : Thomson/West, c2009) Law Library Reserve KF3455 .E4682x 2009

Employment Law Handbook / Minnesota State Bar Association, Continuing Legal Education (St. Paul, Minn. : Minnesota Continuing Legal Education, 2006.) Law Library Reserve KF209 .M54x 2006 no. 43

Employment Law and Practice, 3rd ed. / Stephen F. Befort. (Saint Paul, Minn.: Thomson/West, 2011) Law Library Reserve & Reference Office KFM5480 .M53

Employment Relationships : Law & Practice / Mark W. Bennett, Donald J. Polden, Howard J. Rubin. (New York : Aspen Law & Business, 1998- ) Law Library KF3455 .B456 

The Fair Labor Standards Act / editor-in-chief, Ellen C. Kearns. (2nd ed. Arlington, VA: BNA Books, c2010) Law Library KF3484.581938.A2 2010x

How Arbitration Works / Elkouri & Elkouri. (Washington, D.C. : Bureau of National Affairs, 2003.) Law Library Reserve KF3424 .E53 2003

International Labor and Employment Laws / editors-in-chief William L. Keller, Timothy J. Darby (Washington, D.C. : Bureau of National Affairs, 2003) Law Library K1705 .I58 2003

Labor Arbitration : What You Need to Know / by Robert Coulson. (Huntington, N.Y. : Juris Pub., 2003). Law Library HD6972.5 .C68 2003

Minnesota Employer’s Guide / Michele A. Potts, editor. (Austin : Wolters Kluwer Law & Busness, 2007) Law Library Reserve KFM5734 .M57x 

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act: A Guide for Plaintiff Employment Lawyers / P. Daniel Williams.  (Arlington, VA : BNA Books, c2011)  Law Library KF3467.P744 2011

Reductions in Force in Employment Law, 2nd ed. / Ethan Lipsig, Mary C. Dollarhide, Brit K. Seifert.  (Arlington, VA : BNA Books, c2011)  Law Library KF3471.L577 2011

Tortious Interference in the Employment Context: a State-by-State Survey / Brian M. Malsberger. (3rd ed., Arlington, VA: BNA Books, c2010)  KF3463.M35 2010

Wage and Hour Laws: A State-by-State Survey.  (Arlington, VA:  BNA Books, c2011)  Law Library KF3489.W34 2011

Workplace Harassment Law / Barbara T. Lindemann, David D. Kadue.  (Arlington, VA: BNA Books, c2012)  Reserve KF3467.L561x 2012



Periodicals on labor and employment can be found by searching MNCAT Discovery or WorldCat by subject, using “labor laws and legislation – periodicals.” To further narrow the search by region, use “labor laws and legislation – [place] – periodicals.” Some periodicals may be available electronically. Those that are available through a University subscription will have a link provided in the catalog. They may also be accessed by going to: http://tc.liblink.umn.edu/sfx_local/azlist/default. Below is a sampling of employment and labor specific periodicals. Remember that many general legal periodicals also include labor and employment topics. Use Index to Legal Periodicals and Books or LegalTrac to identify relevant articles.

ABA Journal of Labor & Employment Law (formerly, The Labor Lawyer). Law Library Periodicals Per.L247

Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law. Law Library Periodicals Per .B465

Employee Relations Law Journal. Law Library Periodicals Per.E47

Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal. Law Library Periodicals Per.E475

Hofstra Labor Law Journal. Law Library Periodicals Per.H622

Journal of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Employment. Law Library Periodicals Per .J6833

University of Pennsylvania Journal of Labor And Employment Law. Law Library Periodicals Per.U5834

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