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Federal Tax Policy Research

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Table of Contents


Finding Books


  • Library catalogs
    Suggested subject searches include: fiscal policy and taxation. These are very broad and you will probably have better luck with key word searches using more specific terms and phrases that are relevant to your research. After looking at the results from a key word search, try searching again using the subject headings listed at the bottom of works that seem useful to you. 


  • Bibliographies
    You can find bibliographies through the above catalogs by using a subject or key word search including the word: bibliography. Many bibliographies appear as journal articles, so you might find it helpful to use this approach in the periodical indexes listed below. You can locate sources listed in a bibliography through author or title searches in library catalogs. 
    • Tax Policy in the United States : A Selective Bibliography with Annotations, 1960-84 [KF 6271 .T395 1985]
    • Tax Management Portfolios [Reserve KF 6289 .A1 T42] and on Westlaw as TM-ALLPORT and on Lexis as FEDTAX; TMPORT.

Finding Periodical Articles



  • Tax Periodical Database and Indexes


    • RIA Checkpoint http://ezproxy.law.umn.edu/login?url=http://checkpoint.riag.com/login?iploc=UNIVOFMINNESOTA
      A comprehensive tax and accounting research database covering tax and accounting laws and news on the international, federal, state and local levels. Includes: treaties, statutes, codes, rules, regulations, decisions, tax citators, IRS publications, legislative materials, current awareness tax news sources, periodicals, including six Warren, Gorham & Lamont tax journals. U of M Law faculty and students can also access RIA Checkpoint by obtaining a username and password. This provides remote access and added features, e.g. ability to save documents, searches, search histories and automatic emailing of newsletters.


    • Index to Federal Tax Articles [Looseleaf Services KF6335 .A6 C58 (current issues on Reserve)]


    • Federal Tax Articles [Wilson Business Reference KF6271 .F43x]


    • Tax Notes [Periodicals Per .T36] Also on Lexis as FEDTAX;TXNMAG.


    • The Accounting & Tax Index [Wilson Business Reference Quarto HF5601 .A36x] Also on Westlaw as ACCT&TX-DAB.



  • Legal Periodical Indexes


    • LegalTrac
      Also available (under the name "Legal Resource Index") on these databases: LexisNexis, LexisNexis Academic and Westlaw.
      LexisNexis path:  Legal > Secondary Legal > Law Reviews & Journals > Legal Resource Index
      Westlaw database identifier: LRI.


    • Index to Legal Periodials & Books 
      Also available on Westlaw (database identifier: ILP).


    • Current Index to Legal Periodicals http://cilp.nellco.org also on Westlaw (database identifier: CILP).


  • Economics Periodical Indexes


  • Other Useful Periodical Indexes


  • Relevant Periodicals


    • To find periodicals that may focus on your topic use keyword search in one of the library catalogs and include the word periodicals (e.g., tax policy and periodicals).


    • A list of available electronic journals can be found at http://tc.liblink.umn.edu/sfx_local/a-z/default.


    • Online tax journals can be found on Westlaw in TX-TP and on Lexis in LAWREV;TAXLR.


  • Major Current Awareness Publishers/Publications


    • Tax Analysts: Tax Notes [Periodicals Per .T36] Also on Lexis as FEDTAX;TXNMAG; Tax Notes Today as TNT and TNT-D on Westlaw, and on Lexis in FEDTAX;TNT.


    • Bloomberg BNA: Daily Tax Report (from Mondale Hall & remotely to law students)  [Looseleaf Services KF6289 .A1 .D3 (cancelled 2010)]


    • Commerce Clearing House: Tax Day on Westlaw as CCH-TAXDAY.


    • RIA: Federal Taxes Weekly Alert  [Looseleaf Services KF 6285 .F43] ALso on Westlaw as RIA-FTWA and on LExis as FEDTAX:WEEKLY.


Finding Government Publications


Major Web Sites for Tax Policy Research