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Library Services & Information

For Law School Staff Members


  • Reference Services

    Drop by our Reference Office or contact the librarian on duty during Reference Office hours:
            Phone: 625-4309 || Email: law-ref@umn.edu.

    Staff requests on behalf of our faculty members are given the highest priority by the reference staff. We try to respond to these requests immediately. If lengthy research is required, the staff and/or faculty member will be contacted promptly with an estimate on the amount of time this research will take.


    The Law Library's reference librarians are available to assist you with your research needs. Feel free to contact any of these librarians directly by telephone or email if you would like the assistance of a specific person.

    » Vicente Garces 624-2597 garce003@umn.edu » Loren Turner 625-2905 lturner@umn.edu
    » Michael Hannon 625-0173 mhannon@umn.edu » Scott Uhl 625-0793 uhlx0003@umn.edu

    » Scott Dewey 625-0187 shdewey@umn.edu

  • Bloomberg Law, Lexis Advance & WestlawNext Access
    University of Minnesota Law School faculty and staff are provided access to Bloomberg Law, Lexis Advance and WestlawNext under Law Library's academic subscription. To obtain access credentials contact the Reference Office at law-ref@umn.edu, 612-625-4309.
  • Research Tutorials
    The reference librarians are available to provide personalized instruction in the use of databases and other resources. We can also arrange for training with a Bloomberg Law, Lexis Advance or WestlawNext representative. Feel free to request introductory overviews, refresher training, or more specialized training tailored to your immediate needs. This instruction can be arranged in your office at your convenience. To request this service, please contact Vicente Garces.



Creating Course Web Sites, e.g. TWEN

 Many law school faculty members use The West Education Network (TWEN) to create web sites for their courses. For assistance in creating a TWEN site for your course contact Mike Hannon (mhannon@umn.edu).

Placing Materials on Reserve

Information and instructions for placing materials (digital or hardcopy) such as books, articles, other readings, sample exams, and model answers on course reserve are available here.

CALI Exercises

As a member of the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction, the law school offers a complete set of the CALI exercises to supplement classroom instruction. Further information on the exercises is available at the CALI Web site. Contact the library Reference Office (612-625-4309) for the faculty authorization code needed to register and access CALI materials from the CALI Web site.


  • For Items in the Law Library or a Library On-Campus (ASAP Retrieval Service)

    The Law Library offers staff & faculty members an expedited document retrieval service called ASAP.  ASAP staff will retrieve materials requested by staff members for their own use or for the use of a faculty member and deliver them to the faculty member's office (usually the same day requested). To request materials, please contact David Zopfi-Jordan at 625-1513 or email to: x-asap@umn.edu.

  • For Items Not Available On-Campus (Interlibrary Loan)

    When an item requested by a staff member (whether for their own use or on behalf of a faculty member) is not available on campus, the faculty member and/or staff member is notified by the ASAP or reference staff. The library will then attempt to obtain the item from another library. You can request materials from other libraries by filling out our ONLINE REQUEST FORM or by contacting David Zopfi-Jordan, email: x-asap@umn.edu or phone: 625-1513. It may take a few weeks for materials requested on interlibrary loan to arrive, so if the item(s) are needed immediately, please let us know and we will try to obtain them on a RUSH basis.

  • Routing Service

    The Law Library will route current issues of periodicals and other serials to a faculty member's office. Faculty members can have their names added to the routing list for a specific title, by contacting David Zopfi-Jordan at 625-1513 or x-asap@umn.edu.

  • Library Purchase Requests

    If you would like to recommend materials for the Law Library to acquire and add to the collection, contact Connie Lenz, Associate Director for Collection Development at 625-4301 or lenzx009@umn.edu.


  • Faculty Publications Display Case & the Faculty Archive Collection
    The Law Library maintains a collection of faculty writings, located in the Riesenfeld Rare Books Center. Recent faculty publications are displayed in the main lobby of the Law School. Faculty members are encouraged to donate copies of their publications for cataloging and preservation by the library. Please contact Connie Lenz, 5-4301, lenzx009@umn.edu for more information on donating items for the display cases and the faculty archive.
  • Donations
    The Law Library welcomes donations from faculty members. To donate materials on behalf of a faculty member, please contact the ASAP staff at 5-9534 or x-asap@umn.edu to arrange for pick up. We will supply a letter of acknowledgment for donated materials.



General technology support questions, including computer/software orders, setup, and repair contact it.umn.edu

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