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Law Library Services & Information

For University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus Community Members*

*UMTC Faculty, Students & Staff not affiliated with the Law School.

Reference Services

The Reference Office is open 7 days a week during the academic year and Monday through Friday during Winter & Summer intersessions. 

Contact Us: Reference Office hours Phone: 612-625-4309 || Email: law-ref@umn.edu.


Library Tours/Instruction

Faculty can arrange tours of the library and research instruction/presentations tailored to the research needs of their students by calling Vicente Garces at 624-2597 or email: garce003@umn.edu.

Borrowing Privileges & Loan Periods


To check out materials from the Law Library you will need to present your current U of M ID card.

Loan periods vary based on the type of item charged. Not all Law Library materials circulate. Please check at the Circulation Desk for details or consult our Loan Periods table.

Any book is subject to recall after two weeks if needed by another patron. If needed for course Reserve, it may be recalled immediately.


Returning Library Materials


Law library books can be returned at any campus library at the University of Minnesota.  Please direct questions about returning library materials can be addressed to the Access Services Librarian: lawcirc@umn.edu or call 612-625-4300.


Overdue Materials & Fines Policy


While law library borrowers are expected to return materials on or before the due date, we understand that circumstances can sometimes make that difficult. The following overdue charges automatically accrue on patrons accounts when materials are not returned by the due date. If you know that you will not be able to return something by the due date, please renew it before it becomes overdue. If you are not able to return or renew by the due date, or if materials are already overdue and you wish to discuss options, please contact the Access Services Librarian at 612-625-4300 or lawcirc@umn.edu.


Monographs $.50 per day
Periodicals or Reserve $1.50 per hour
Rush Recall & Recall fines: Patron recall $1.00 per day
Reserve/Rush recall $5.00 per day


If you lose a law library item, please contact the Access Services Librarian at 612-625-4300 or lawcirc@umn.edu. Our goal is to find the material and we will be happy to search our shelves or extend time for you to search your home or office. If the item is not found, we will generate a bill and will expect you to bear to cost of replacement. The replacement charge includes a processing fee which helps to offset the cost of ordering and cataloging the material.


A book is considered “lost” when there is no response to notices and the book becomes severely overdue. In such an instance, a bill will be issued for the replacement cost. If you should receive a bill and have the book in question, you may return it to avoid paying the replacement. Please direct  questions about law library charges to the Access Services Librarian at 612-625-4300 or lawcirc@umn.edu.

Recalling Checked Out Materials & "Racked" Items


Books that are currently checked out can be recalled for use by another user. Current U of M faculty, students and staff  can complete a recall request through MNCAT Discovery. When a book is recalled, a notice is sent to the person who currently has the book checked out. The notice indicates that the loan period for the book has been shortened and the new due date. When a recalled book is checked in at a campus library, a notice will automatically be sent to the person who recalled book that the item is now available for pick up. Failure to return a recalled book by its shortened due date may result in an overdue fine of $1.00 per day overdue.

Law library items that are on temporary reserve for the use of law organizations are termed "racked books." These books are checked out to law organizations and are located in a specific location related to the organization, such as their office or a designated shelving area in the library. These books can be recalled if needed by another user. However, if a user needs only a couple pages copied out of a racked book, he or she can ask the circulation desk staff to retrieve the racked book to make the copies and then the staff can quickly return the racked book to the organization.

For assistance finding a racked book, please ask the circulation desk. Racked books are often noted in the library catalog as checked out with the note: "Racked--Ask at Circ Desk."

Please direct questions about recalling library materials or the racked items to the Access Services Librarian: lawcirc@umn.edu or call 612-625-4300.

Book Acquisition Recommendations & Book Donations


Library Purchase Requests 
If you would like to recommend materials for the Law Library to acquire and add to the collection, contact Connie Lenz, Associate Director for Collection Development at 625-4301 or lenzx009@umn.edu.


If you wish to donate materials to the Law Library please contact Connie Lenz, Associate Director for Collection Development at 625-4301 or lenzx009@umn.edu.