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Ed Gale

Edward H. Gale

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Law Library News

Good Luck on Finals from the Riesenfeld Center!

Giles Jacob, A Law Grammar (London, 1817) The Law Library and Riesenfeld Center wish everyone the best of luck on finals! Although (perhaps) not of  ...

New Rare Books Acquisition: The Reister Collection

Henry Swinburne, A Briefe Treatise of Testaments and Last Wills (London, 1590) The Law Library and Riesenfeld Rare Books Center have recently received a donation  ...

IN MEMORIAM Edward H. Gale

Edward H. Gale The Law Library is deeply saddened to report that Edward Gale of the Law Library staff passed away on June 1, 2016.  ...

The Reister Collection: Description and Highlights

Hale, The Law of Hereditary Descents (London, 1700) The Law Library and Riesenfeld Center's recent acquisition of the Reister collection on wills, trusts and estates  ...

William Sharp (1900-1961), Courtroom Satirist

William Sharp, detail from "Nothing But the Truth!" The Law Library was recently gifted a new rare lithograph by William Sharp (1900-1961), the book illustrator,  ...

New Tumblr Posts: Illustrated Law Books

Detail from Damhoudere, Praxis rerum criminalium (1570) There are lots of great new posts on our Tumblr site, featuring more (wonderful) items from the Riesenfeld  ...