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Riesenfeld Rare Books Research Center

Room N-30, Walter F. Mondale Hall, University of Minnesota Law Library



The University of Minnesota Law School’s Stefan A. Riesenfeld Rare Books Research Center holds one of the outstanding collections of rare legal books in the United States. The books form the Arthur C. Pulling Rare Books Collection, more than 25,000 volumes of rare and special texts printed from the fifteenth through twentieth centuries. The Collection is a resource for the study of American and English law and history, as well as continental and other law, and is open for the use of students and visitors.

The Pulling Collection is housed in the convenient facilities of the Riesenfeld Center, including its reading room and modern exhibit space. The Center is also home to the Law School Archives, which documents the Law School’s notable history and the work of its faculty. Beyond research, the Center supports exhibits, events and programs related to its collections, as well as teaching at the Law School.

We invite visitors to explore the menu at left, to learn more about the Pulling Collection and the Law School Archives, and to discover the award-winning digital collections, exhibits and publications that are available through this site.

Law Library's Riesenfeld Center Blog

Jewels in the Crown: English Law

A Collection of State-Trials, London, 1735 English law was a special interest of noted law librarian Arthur C. Pulling, after whom the Riesenfeld Center's Rare  ...

Jewels in the Crown: Colonial and Early State Law

Acts and Laws...Boston, 1742. Colonial and early US state law is a particular strength within the Pulling Collection, along with items dating from the Revolution.  ...

Jewels in the Crown: Clarence Darrow

Scopes Trial Brief, New York, 1925. The Center holds an extraordinary collection of personal letters to and from Clarence Darrow, and collects Darrow’s works and  ...

Jewels in the Crown: Early Modern International Law

Mare Liberum, Leiden, 1633. The Pulling Collection offers a great showcase for key works of important contributors to early modern international law. Emerging in part  ...